According to the #10 in their top 10 Female Sex Fantasies is Domination (Her Dominating You).

Do you find this to be true for you? I have no doubt I have couple readers who want to tie up and spank their man right now!!

To be perfectly honest I just don’t get excited over the thought of binding my hubs hands and ankles or whipping him. I don’t even think he would go for some of that shit. He’s not really a nipple clamps and collar kind of guy. Which is fine with me because I get off on being the submissive.

I know this is not really the same thing but what does make me hot and my knees weak is control in a role play situation. He is the Professor and I am the naughty schoolgirl. I want him to try to resist me…to be teased and tormented by my naughty ways. I want to press my tits against his back while I whisper in his ear, run my hands lightly up his thighs until I almost touch his hard throbbing cock. I want to drop my pencil and bend over with my ass so close to his face he can see that I am wet through my thin white panties. I want to taunt and torment until he can’t even control himself. I want him sweating and shaking in anticipation until he can’t control himself anymore and then I need him to grab me and throw me down on the desk, ripping my clothes off and fucking me until I scream in ecstasy!!!!

Mmmmmhmmm I love being submissive!

What do you want? Do you want to dominate your man?