I love sex! I love having sex, watching sex, reading about sex, hearing about sex…you get the point! And I especially love talking about sex! It’s so hard to make time for intimacy when you are busy with life. Honestly after a long day chauffeuring kids around, making meals, cleaning house, changing diapers, wiping butts, helping with homework and just basically being the “house bitch” sex is not always the first thing on my mind. Talking with your partner about your feelings and needs is necessary for a healthy sex life but I think it is important to have friends who you can talk to as well. I want this to be a place you can ask questions and share experiences. Somewhere that you are able to vent and get support. A place to divulge your deepest secrets or your wildest fantasies. A home for our naughty mom confessions. Never feel like this is a competition to see who is the dirtiest or the most outrageous. What turns us on and what makes us sexy is what makes us unique. Everyone’s opinion is important to me no matter how mild or wild. No judgments here!