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I think that my hubs poisoned me with his delicious omelettes tonight. Either that or I’m a fucking pig and ate WAY too much. Either way I feel like I am going to die. So no sexy for me tonight. 

I am curious if you guys like the new look? I am ridiculously indecisive. I need input! Plus you know I like it when you tell me what to do 😉





So my husband got up first this morning (as usual) and sat down on the couch with his coffee and BAM was swarmed with ants. In reality it was just a couple but he’s allergic so two ant bites later and he’s already got watery eyes and a lump where he was bit. What the hell makes those little fuckers decide one night they want to come in?

My husband is feeding the baby a snack and helping our toddler paint while I’m vacuuming behind and under the couch (here comes the sexy part) and he says “turn around and look at me” so I whirl around wielding my giant vacuum attachment, my hair falling softly over my shoulders (aka bed head) and my brow glistening with sweat (my ass crack was glistening too) And he says “look down” I do and my boobs are popping out the top of my shirt. I have had this stupid cami for like 10 years and it is way too small and the straps are stretched out and offer no support for even my tiny rack.

If it weren’t for the kids and the ants it could have been a really special moment.